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The sqorks strike back; Spray paint, acrylic paints, paint pens & indelible ink on Brussels linen; 2 x 2 m.


Opera Gallery announced a couple of days ago that British art collective The London Police (TLP) is now in Miami working on a new commissioned wall at Villa Bagatelle Miami Beach during Miami Art Basel.
In addition to this, the art collective will be presenting eight new paintings specially created for the occasion that will be displayed in the same Villa Bagatelle’s lobby from 28th of november until the mural is finished, but be quick because the mural was just finished today.
Read the full press release see here

A couple of samples of the work available at the exhibition:


‘The moment Justice and truth is restored to the city of Paul 90’ (1m x 1m)


‘Bork and the minions rescue the girl and walk off into the sunset’ (2m x 2m)

The mural in progress:


Photo @sandroabate


Photo @thedailywood


Photo @imagesoundamericas


Author: Fran

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