Italian artist Aris will be opening his next solo show at Studio D’Ars Milano next Tuesday.
La macchia umana or The Human Machine is Aris first solo show and part of the Parentesi Aperte series curated by Alessandra Ioalé.
Aris work is characterized by his abstract and oddly shaped monochromatic pieces and famous for his (rather unexpected) freights, certainly an uncommon sight.

La macchia umana opens on January 20th and will run until the 20th of February at Studio D’Ars located on Via Sant’Agnese 12/8, Milano.

From the press release:

Studio D’Ars Milano is pleased to present La macchia umana, the first solo show of the Italian artist Aris, as well as the third solo show of the Parentesi Aperte’s cycle curated by Alessandra Ioalé. From the study of the letters to their abstraction and then get to the creation of “puppets” is the path followed by Aris for the construction of his expressive language that distinguishes him for twenty years in the European scene of the urban and contemporary art. A smooth transformation of the letters in silhouettes from the essential profile, clean, without any desire to break through the surfaces on which they lie. A continuous recomposition of fluid bodies, which propagate, advance, ranging as a great stain leaving a trace on the ground of the world. Human spots that gradually shy away from immediate recognition and understanding moving towards a formal synthesis absolute where you can rediscover a natural principle as absolute. The inherent complementarity of human nature. And that in the new series of works for La macchia umana, reach a next and powerful level of expressivity. Therefore beside a series of drawings in which is still present and strong the bidimensionality of the composition, accentuated by the use of textures and colors for the delimitation of forms, Aris presents the pieces where the shapes of fluid bodies emerge with a new consistence and depth right from the notch of different and overlapping layers of paper from the color range of contrast, marking an evolution in the search path of the artist, we see here unfolding in all its complex beauty.


The Italian artist Aris brings an utterly unique approach to not just street art, but to art in general. He uses silhouettes over and over on top of each other to create uncanny valley-ish freeform shapes that look like something from a Kurt Vonnegut novel by way of the paintings on the sides of Ancient Greek pottery. His work is largely placed on the sides of freight trains, moving these ethereal beings along the rails throughout Europe.

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