Italian artist Giorgio Bartocci, who recently exposed at Grauen studio in Monza in Italy, also painted this interesting mural in occasion of the exhibition painted over the outer wall of the exhibition space.

The subject for 7 Fragments as the exhibition was titled is our fragmented modern society where Bartocci breaks everything in to 7 fragments in the form of canvases quoting the famous sociologist Zygmunt Bauman:

“In our age the world around us is broken into vaguely coordinated fragments, while our individual lives are fragmented into a sequence of episodes badly connected each other” 

In addition to the seven canvases, two murals were painted in occasion of the Recover project and are in direct relation with the work from the exhibition.
From the press release:

Fragments like a stream of consciousness, seen in the form (and forms) of collage; a not random technique – that in the artworks of 7 Fragments gives back the multifaceted essence of its subjects – or fragments like chips of memories-premonitions in the midst of space-time amnesia and déja vu. Post-graffiti canvases escorting us through bold and solid scenarios or chopped and hacked up ones in turn, in a trip similar to a universal human formation iter.

On wall, then, Giorgio Bartocci gives life to a primitive muralism with a modern point of view, thanks to antithetical elements (nature-urban, attraction-repulsion) somatized into the distinctive marks of his humanoids. Key-details in order to deconstruct and grasp the neverending synthesis work of the artist, who in the 7 Fragments wallpaintings created on one side a hyperbolic ‘vortex of anthropomorphic figures from a parallel present’ and on the other an elegant mural played on the civilization-territory relationships (where landscapes blend in with the ones living them).

Complex as it can be, all is made of fragments; the hard is to put them together. Read the full press release here

Some more pics of the wall:
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Here some pics of 7 Fragments showing Bartocci’s work:

giorgio-bartocci-7-fragments-at-grauen-studio-10 giorgio-bartocci-7-fragments-at-grauen-studio-13 giorgio-bartocci-7-fragments-at-grauen-studio-14 giorgio-bartocci-7-fragments-at-grauen-studio-15 giorgio-bartocci-7-fragments-at-grauen-studio-17

Author: Fran

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