Berlin based artist Andrea Wan opened a couple of weeks ago “Fleeting Seasons” at BC Gallery in Berlin dedicating her artwork to one of the oldest topics in fine arts: transience and the eternal circle of life and death.
Wang takes inspiration by the old concept of Vanitas, mainly known in Europe from baroque still-life paintings, and where Wan choses to depict both growth, transformation and decay in nature and the human body.
As mentioned in an earlier post, Wan’s work, mostly ink on paper, is a reflection of the artists interior life, like a visual journal reflecting personal experiences and thoughts and inviting the viewer to a very special journey through interesting characters and surreal landscapes.
The show will run until February 28th at the gallery located on Libauer Strasse 14, 10245 BERLIN.
For more about Andrea Wan, check out her website www.andreawan.com

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Author: Fran

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