Italian street artist Millo, also known as Francesco Camillo Giorgino was recently in Salerno invited to take part of the Urban Area open spaces – Salerno curated by a.DNA project in Battipaglia.
Known for his monochromatic, and usually large-scale murals, Millo is probably one of Italy’s most prolific street artists nowadays with 13 massive murals in the town of Turin alone, as part of the B.Art competition in 2014.
Millo painted for the occasion”Take a look at the wild side”, a site-specific mural intervention carried out on the west facade of a local school gym. The mural shows the image of a child being forced to look at the ‘wild side’ our side, confronting in this way to realities. It’s not only us being confronted with the picture and what is pictured, but also the pictured being confronted with our own reality. Interesting mural for sure.
For more from Millo check out his website

millo-battipaglia-italy-2millo-battipaglia-italy-4millo-battipaglia-italy-3 millo-battipaglia-italy-5

Author: Fran

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