Giulio Vesprini opened a couple of weeks ago Cosmometrie, his first solo show at Studio D’Ars in Milan part of the Parentesi Aperte’s exhibition cycle curated by Alessandra Ioalé.
As announced earlier, the show consists in new and unpublished works on paper that give shape to Vesprini’s passion for geometric forms, colours, nature and the way they relate to the surrounding environment.
A graphic designer and lover of minimalist design, his work is based directly in the study of minimalism and American art from the sixties, leading to works in paper that eventually evolved into murals and later art installations, but always keeping a clean design. Certainly something we can appreciate in the work shown at Cosmometrie.

Cosmometrie runs until March 24th at the gallery located on Via Sant’Agnese 12/8, Milan, Italy.

Giulio Vesprini Cosmometrie (3)
Giulio Vesprini Cosmometrie (4) Giulio Vesprini Cosmometrie (9) Struttura21 Struttura22 Struttura23 Struttura24 Struttura25Giulio Vesprini Cosmometrie (10)


Author: Fran

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