Next in the Parentese Aperte series curated by Alessandra Loalé is Endless a new solo show with Italian artist Gio Pistone.
Endless is Gio Pistone’s first solo in Milan and will be featuring new work charged with that surreal and psychedelic imagery that has characterized her work in recent years. Active in the underground Roman scene since the early 90s, her work expresses her vision of, supposedly, shared feelings and human instincts making use of a variety of media such as illustration, painting and sculpture.

Giò Pistone

Born in 1974 in Rome where lives and works. Since the first years she chooses the sketch as own language. She belongs to the Roman scene hard-core-punk and she participates at the first forms of TAZ and illegal parties in abandoned factories in the’94. For this born the passion for the abandoned places and the fun to visit them and to draw them. Parallelly she frequents the Faculty of Psychology that balances with the job of scenographer in the theater and with the installations. She doesn’t recognize her in an only Art, but she tries to work on more perceptive levels, finding in the contemporary theater the perfect union among music, painting, sculpture, writing, video and murales. Founds in 1995 with Mark Colabucci “the Mouse Syndrome” (propagators of the shiny dream) with which works at to the mobile installations by the animals forms, starting to travel through France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany, Bosnia j Erzegovina. Toward the 25 years old she returns to Rome and she draws near for the first time to the street-art, thanks to which succeeds to establish a different dialogue with her city, and with the first timid interventions of other artists. In 2004 found together with Susan Campana and Camilla Falsini, “Serpe in Seno” collective of illustration. These years are studded by collective shows at the MADRE Museum in Naples, theAuditorium in Rome, the Museum Macro in Rome, the MondoPop Gallery in Rome; and by personal shows at theSacripante Gallery in Rome, Mirada Gallery in Ravenna, Space Barnum in Bologna, Cell93 Gallery in Berlin. She has participated in Festival as Scala Mercalli (Milan), Pop-Up (Ancona), Lumen (Naples), Alterazioni (Arcidosso), Visione Periferica (Mosciano Sant’Angelo), M.U.Ro. (Rome), and to the projects like LUCE è Diversità in collaboration with Acea andWunderkammern Gallery in Rome and at the Maam, Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove in Rome. She has collaborated for firms as Eni and Nike.

1 – 28 Aprile 2015
Parentesi Aperte: Giò Pistone Endless

Studio D’Ars Milano
Via Sant’Agnese 12/8 – tel. +39 346 6292285 | Mail: danieledecia75@gmail.com

Gio Pistone_LUCE Diversità è Energia_Project_Rome2015 impaurito(Tangaloa) INESPRESSO_80x110 tecnica mista su tavola 2015 perso Pop-up


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