One year after his solo-show „Face-Off“ German artist Tobias Kroeger is back with „FOOLS“ a new solo show at Kunstmix Gallery in Bremen unveiling a completely new body of work consisting of 25 small and bigger portraits placed along the walls of the bright gallery space.

Unlike Tobias Kroeger’s last exhibition „Face-Off“, characterised by a dark and consistent cubist inspired approach to painting, „FOOLS“ feels like a breeze of fresh air that intends to introduce the visitors into a new world of light colours and a line-work clearly inspired in his graffiti background, resulting in an interesting mix that combines his classical art training and experience as a street art artist and graphic designer.
Putting drawing consciously at the center of his work, Tobias Kroeger focuses this time on the nature of the sketch bringing up references to his own background and German neo-expressionism such as the “Neue Wilde” or “New Wild” movement. His drawings become lighter and more expressive integrating fonts, drippings and fluid lines that in many ways define a new phase in his artistic career. One thing remains the same and this is his concern with existential questions regarding our modern society and aspects such as authenticity, identity and manipulation. „FOOLS“ explores in this way “whether we are all being ‘fooled’ and on the way to a „dystopian“ society” without even realising it.

„FOOLS“ will run until April 10th at the gallery located on Kolpingstraße 18, 28195 Bremen.

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FOOLS Mural, Bremen 2015

FOOLS Mural, Bremen 2015


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