This massive new mural by MOMO was painted a couple of months ago at the very heart of Boston’s iconic John Hancock Building.
The piece, a 250′ x 34′ mural, was commissioned by Boston Properties and curated by Pedro Alonzo.
Painted during, probably Boston’s coldest winter so far, the mural was completed during the course of eighteen nights. The design establishes a unique dialog with the surrounding architecture incorporating not only different elements in it, but also its function based on how people actually use the building, that means, identifying where people would see the walls most often, or where they would spend the most time.
The overall verticality of the structure, the chrome columns strong presence and the straight, flat surfaces in general are elements that the artist choses to, if not include, counteract with his design creating an interesting flow of shapes and colours that perfectly harmonise with the surrounding structure.

MOMO-geoff-hargadon-boston-2 MOMO-geoff-hargadon-boston-3 MOMO-geoff-hargadon-boston-4 MOMO-geoff-hargadon-boston-5 MOMO-geoff-hargadon-boston-6 MOMO-geoff-hargadon-boston-7 MOMO-geoff-hargadon-boston-8 MOMO-geoff-hargadon-boston-9 MOMO-geoff-hargadon-boston-10

Photo © Geoff Hargadon via BSA


Author: Fran

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