IMG_5419A couple of weeks ago opened Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist Saddo A Stranger in the Garden, his newest solo show at BC Gallery in Berlin.
The exhibition, consisting a series of canvases and smaller paper works all charged by that peculiar surrealism that characterizes Saddo’s work. As mentioned earlier, A Stranger in the Garden has to do with death, one of our main concerns in human society and a source of religious traditions, rituals, myths and philosophical debates. The concept of Death is also a subject that has haunted the artist’s mind leading to an exploration of different ways of perceiving it – as a state, a process, a threatening thought, or even personified as a deity all according to the culture that interprets it.
It is this kind of personifications and the idea around them that give shape to A Stranger in The Garden (a title inspired by Luis Buñuel’s “Death in The Garden”) suggesting the mystery that surrounds them and the many ways they can be perceived.

The exhibition will run until April 28th from Wednesday to Saturday, 1 – 6 pm at the gallery located on Libauer Straße 14, 10245 Berlin.

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Author: Fran

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