Italian artist Luigi Loquarto aka GIG is now in Monza Italy in occasion of the opening of his new solo show at Grauen Studio next week.
The wall, titled “Questione di tempo” and painted for the Recover Monza project in this city, is according to the artist a symbol for protection and support, a static and ephemeral element strongly related to the time that bears its marks  and where the wall resists it turns into concrete memory, where it disappears it is still possible to feel its presence.

From the press release:
An element symbol of passing time, a landmark for orientation in the daily routes. Luigi Loquarto was able to transform and reverse sides, he materialize the time. He has sketched a cycle and outlined one of the values ​​which it has on humans: it is the only one able to cancel, to help us fight against our wounds, our negative experiences, the hardest memories that have marked our path, accepting and embracing the new memories, positive thoughts and adventures that take us back day after day in the peace and quiet of ourselves.”

The exhibition, also titled “Questione di Tempo” will open next Saturday, May 9 at the gallery located on Via Tofane 1 in Monza.


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Author: Fran

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