This amazing wall is the work of Italian artist Roberto Ciredz painted x this year’s ALTrove Festival in Catanzaro, Italy.
Titled “Gipsy King” and painted in the Aranceto quarter an area located on the southern outskirts of Catanzaro, the new mural, with its wavy line work and soft tonal choices fits the festival concept that this year sails under the title ABSTRACTISM – space> place and that intends to give the artists the opportunity to reinterpret the urban surroundings by means of abstractionism. It is in this context that Ciredz work becomes relevant for the festivals main idea. Great work.

Below some beautiful images by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz
ciredz-altrove-festival-catanzaro-2ciredz-altrove-festival-catanzaro-3 ciredz-altrove-festival-catanzaro-4 ciredz-altrove-festival-catanzaro-5ciredz-altrove-festival-catanzaro-8ciredz-altrove-festival-catanzaro-9

Author: Fran

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