"Single Scoop Ice Cream Cone" the 2nd Finland installation. Part of the "Treats in the Streets" series (#6 of 10 overall).

“Single Scoop Ice Cream Cone”

Tired of Chicago’s Potholes started artist Jim Bachor creating eye catching mosaics to bring them to the attention of the authorities responsible for fixing them.
Bachor has already installed a great number of mosaics, not only in the US but also Finland where he was a few weeks ago. When it comes to the pothole mosaics installed in the US he keeps a list of photos and addresses making it easy to go hunting them, if they still are there.

For more of Bachor’s work check out his Website or Instagram

"Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich" 3rd install in Finland. (I'll post 1st and 2nd installs when they're ready for viewing.) This is the 5th piece of now 10 piece "Treats in the Streets" series.

“Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich”

"Twin Lime Popsicles" now ready for viewing! 4th of 8 in the "Treats in the Streets" series. Located at Lincoln and Berenice. Goodie bag attached to post on north side of street.

“Twin Lime Popsicles”



"BombPop" 2nd installment (of 8) in the new "Treats in the Streets" series.


"Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone" located at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Bishop in Noble Square on the near west side. First of an eight piece series.

“Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone”

http://instagram.com/jimbachor http://instagram.com/jimbachor

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