Last Saturday May 9 opened Italian artist Luigi Loquarto a new solo show titled “Matter of time” at Grauen Studio in Monza, Italy.
Matter Of Time, curated by Grauen Studio, focuses on the dual role that the artist attributes to time, the common denominator of the artworks shown at the exhibition gallery and the two murals created for the occasion, “matter of time” and “memories”.
Luigi Loquarto, also known as GIG, is the third artist taking part of the Recover Monza project, a project of cultural diffusion and visual urban redevelopment promoted by the restart and by the city of Monza.
The exhibition, consisting of a series of works on paper that represent an introspective travel through the concept of time and the relationship between the work and what it represents. In this way the works become symbols of experiences, modelled according to the particular pictorial approach of the artist, accompanying his artistic production and working as visual expressions of what it is represented.

From the press release:

His artworks start from walls to paper, canvas, unveiling an organic geometry that gives new shapes to natural elements through compositions able to tell and reflect a history hidden in each of us. Each symbol and sign he represents, relates his technique to the history of what he is drawing. They become symbols of lessons learned, modeled and characterized as much by the hand of the artist as the factor “Time” that acts as a constant in his production of an algebraic equation. His artworks are the result of assimilation of a well-defined concept of time; admiring the mutation that determines this factor in all those elements that are typical of its territory, and defines, in the drawings, the concrete subjects carrying the taste of their homeland.

In “Matter of time” it creates a very strong analogy between what composes his works and the same support on which engages. A dualism between alchemical stone / wall and newspaper / paper that comes from the full summary of the concept of time and its variety of meanings. A wall, a sign of man, raised where civilization has passed. The wall as symbol of protection and support. A static element, ephemeral, in strong relation with the time of which brings its marks. Where a wall resists become a concrete memory, Where it disappears continues to make its presence felt drowsy. An element symbol of passing time, a landmark for orientation in the daily routes.

Both “A matter of time” (mural made via Silva 9 at Monza) and “Memories” (wall built on the facade of Grauen study) will clarify the effects and values, in the first case represents a synthesis time of a cycle, in second leading him to be a strong graphical summary of the subject, therefore just one of the many effects that the weather has on personal research of the artist himself.

‘Matter Of Time’ will run until May 30 at the gallery located on Via Tofane 1, Monza Tue-Sat 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
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