A couple of weeks ago opened Italian artist Moneyless “Fragmentations” his first solo show in Germany at the BC Gallery in Berlin.
“Fragmentations” consists of a series of canvases product of an artistic journey involving the deconstruction of one of his most recurrent geometrical figures, the circle, reinventing it and giving his work a more dynamic dimension. In doing so the fragments become important elements of a new work that invites the viewer to take part in the creative process. The circle is not longer a static geometrical figure, its fragments give the viewer the opportunity to subconsciously recreate the artwork in infinite ways beyond the boundaries of its physicality.
In the new work, not only shapes are deconstructed, so is colour. Where once it was used to give shape ti his geometrical compositions, colours  become now part of the deep and fragmented background. A beautiful and experimental body of work that clearly reflects the versatility of the artist.

In addition to the exhibition, Moneylessa 6-Color silkscreen print in collaboration with BC Gallery and produced during on sight preparations for the show. More information here.

The exhibition will run through until 27th June at the gallery located on Libauer Str.14 10245 BERLIN.
For more about the artist and the works visit:
Exhibited worksorks


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Here a selection of the works:


Author: Fran

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