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Somewhere in Barrio Blanco, an old town where only a few houses still stand, we find this new mural piece by Spanish artist Pablo S. Herrero known for his poetic approach to painting and haunting imagery.
‘Cáscara’/’Rind’, painted on the outer wall of one of those houses in process of being torn down, makes reference to the skin of the façade, its appearance once doors and windows were filled in with bricks and concrete, and where only the reliefs of what once there was reminds us of the building’s function, a home.
Making use of his traditional imagery, Pablo S. Herrero creates a rather nostalgic piece that highlights the history of the structure. A dense wood of white trees painted over the orange background seems to cover the entire façade and is only ‘interrupted’ by the shapes of the window and door that were once part of the structure painted in dark grey tones.

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Author: Fran

Founder and editor of Urbanite. Street Art lover who after the finishing her MA thesis on the muralist movement in the 1920-50s, developed a fascination for street art and graffiti that eventually led to collaborations with different art blogs, including the creation of this one.