AkuOne from the popular duo Herakut was recently in Amman, Jordan where he, in collaboration with AptART and UNHCR, painted this new and symbolic mural on occasion of the World Refugee Day 2015 an event celebrated yesterday 20 June in several countries.
“As One I Am Fragile. Together We Are Strong”, as the mural was titled, was painted together with youth and local young adults and intends to raise awareness of the resilience and solidarity of humanity sharing the voice of displaced people from various nations.
The mural stands as a beautiful reminder of the fact that only working together we will be able to stay strong and reach higher goals. Nice work Akut!

AkutOne-Amman-5AkutOne-Amman-3 AkutOne-Amman-4 AkutOne-Amman-6 AkutOne-Amman-7 AkutOne-Amman-8 AkutOne-Amman-9 AkutOne-Amman-10 AkutOne-Amman-11 AkutOne-Amman-13AkutOne-Amman-12

Images © Falk Lehmann


Author: Fran

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