886 Geary gallery in San Francisco, CA is currently showing ‘The Matter of Time’, a series of new works by the London-based artist duo Kai & Sunny in their first exhibition in San Francisco along with the work of Bay Area resident Ryan De La Hoz.
Created for this special occasion, the work of The Kai & Sunny is a good example of their characteristic and stylised imagery where nature is reduced to elegant geometric patterns and delicate line-work, and where the use of ballpoint pen on paper along with hand-finished and hand-pulled monochromatic screen prints on copper and paper express contradicting perceptions of the natural world and focus on the passing of time.
On the other hand we have the work of Ryan De La Hoz who by examining past and present at the same time highlighting different periods of time in order to explore complex human emotions such as joy, apathy, misery, etc., through a variety of media in an attempt to express his idea of time.

From the press release:

The works by Kai & Sunny depict stylized imagery of nature. The images are reduced from natural forms to geometric patterns. This new series of linear works introduces color applied by ballpoint pen on paper along with handfinished and pulled monochromatic screen prints on copper and paper.
The works in The Matter Of Time revolve around the passing of time. The ballpoint pen pieces explore the turning of tides and time for reflection. This series balances the serene with the intense and the fragile with the stable. Seemingly innocent natural subjects are layered with hidden undertones, hinting at the subversion that occurs in the wild and beyond.
Ryan De La Hoz examines the past and present at the same time and utilizes periods in history to excavate emotions such as apathy, fear, hope, joy, misery, etc. He uses a broad variety of media and objects in his attempts to analyze the current state of affairs. Our collective experience is what ties us together throughout history and De La Hoz distills his broad ideas with simple objects like patches and puzzles to do this.  Objects of antiquity reoccur in his work and take the form of hand cut paper compositions of vases as well as bold graphic imagery relying on Greek sculpture as a central figure. Dissent is a major theme of his work. Most of the central objects and figures in his pieces are destroyed or teetering on the edge of ruin. Using hand cut paper De La Hoz creates dense foliage that is both welcoming and foreboding. Elsewhere he reminds us of civilizations that have crumbled under their quest for power revealing that the never-ending cycle of order always ends in chaos, revolution, and enlightenment. His work allows us to reflect on where we are now because of what we have been through. .

The exhibition is co-curated by 886 Geary Gallery and Sven Davis and is free and open to the public for viewing through Jul 4th, 2015. Dont miss it!

Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-2 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-3 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-4 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-5 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-6 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-7 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-8 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-9 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-10 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-11 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-12 Kai-&-Sunny-and-Ryan-De-La-Hoz-886geary-13

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