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Last Saturday was the opening of Twee Muizen‘s “En el Norte” (In the North) at PlasticMurs gallery in Valencia, Spain and where the duo, composed by the Galician artists, Cristina and Denis Galocha Barrientos presented a new kind of Nordic Mythology, one where ‘fear has no place’.
The new body of work consists in a playful mix of canvases, drawings and sculptures or ‘art toys’ infused by the duos pop surrealistic vision of the popular ethnography of the northern countries, a vision of “pagan rituals that no longer seeks to frighten, but to create a friendly aesthetic, of soft touch and profound message”.
That’s exactly what Twee Muizen achieves with their alternative childlike and dreamy world where each of the pieces provide clues about the duo’s personal vision, life and values.

From the press release:
“The beasts are no longer foul. There is still hope.”
Twee Muizen has achieved with its culture and artistic syncretism of genres, a new Nordic Mythology in which fear has no place.
The pair of Galician artists, Cristina and Denis Galocha Barrientos, who make up this team, created a neo surrealistic world of pop, based on the popular ethnography of the northern countries in which animals, humans, vegetation and contemporaneity merge, to show a new vision of pagan rituals that no longer seeks to frighten, but to create a friendly aesthetic, of soft touch and profound message.
The Twee Muizen paintings and art toys come from of an amalgam of organic and synthetic materials, which are set by the chromatic harmony their authors give him, which leads to the childlike spirit that never stops dreaming.
The represented characters are mythological heroes who are no longer wild, making the life of who observes them lighter.
Breaking down the work of these artists, you find different levels of understanding of their work. The paintings and dolls hide a lot of Clues to be revealed, they discover a great inner world that revolves around
Twee Muizens’ life and values. The different layers of understanding of this rigorous work, comprise a set of jewels illustrating a new conception of cultures and subcultures to which they give life. – María von Touceda

The exhibition runs until 14 August, Tuesday to Saturday from 12:OO – 14:00 / 18:00 – 21:00 at the gallery located on Calle Denia 45, 46006  Valencia, Spain

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