lucamaleonte-grammatica-naturale-1 Today is the opening of Grammatica Naturale a solo exhibition by Italian artists Lucamaleonte at Grauen Gallery in Monza, Italy. Grammatica Naturale, curated by Alessandro Fossati and Andrea Ucchino, is showing a new body of work that reflects the artists passion for nature and natural forms translated into a personal language, a grammar of nature that remind us of illustrations seen in encyclopaedias and that intends to give form to a unique artistic diary of natural subjects.
In addition to the work presented at the show, Lucamaleonte painted a couple of large-scale illustrations av Grauen Studio and passerella di via S.Gottardo, both of decorative character and painted for the Recover Monza project.
Grammatica Naturale opens today at 19.00hrs at Grauen Studio located on via Tofane 1, naviglio villoresi, Monza, Italy. The exhibition runs until July 12. Free entrance. lucamaleonte-grammatica-naturale-2 lucamaleonte-grammatica-naturale-3 lucamaleonte-grammatica-naturale-4 And the one at the passerella… lucamaleonte-pasarela-1lucamaleonte-pasarela-2lucamaleonte-pasarela-3lucamaleonte-pasarela-4


Author: Fran

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