This Saturday opens “Shapeshifters & Sharpshooters”, a group exhibition featuring the work of 15 international artists at 886 Geary gallery in San Francisco.
The exhibition is guest-curated by Sven Davis and gathers the work of different artists in an attempt to explore contemporary abstract art-making practices by artists whose background varies from traditional fine art to graffiti writing, but united by a common dynamic in their visual language.

From the press release:
“The exhibition is a celebration of contemporary mark making whilst embracing and taking inspiration from traditional art movements such as Futurism, Abstract Expressionism and Precisionism among others. A common disposition of the group is their use of Hard-Edge painting; a term first coined in the late fifties and used to describe intense and abrupt delineation of form and color within the burgeoning Geometric Abstraction and Op-art movements. Whilst these artists acknowledge and embrace movements of the past, they confidently stand outside of historical classification and have established themselves as a core group of protagonists defining a contemporary movement they have made their own.”

The exhibition is guest-curated by Sven Davis and counts with the participation of Chris Mendoza (Brooklyn, NY), Christopher Derek Bruno (Atlanta, GA), Clemens Behr (Berlin, Germany), Drew Tyndell (Nashville, TN), Eltono (Belvès, France), Jerry Inscoe (Portland, OR), Liam Snootle (Melbourne, Australia), Matthew Chavarria (Riverside, CA), Michael Bennett (Berlin, Germany), Nawer (Cracow, Poland), Poesia (San Francisco, CA), Richard Caldicott (London, UK), Sean Newport (San Francisco, CA), St Monci (Rochester, NY), Will Sears (Portland, ME).

“Shapeshifters & Sharpshooters” open this Saturday, July 11th, from 7-11 pm and several of the artists will attend the event. The exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through July 27th, 2015.

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Author: Fran

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