AEC from the popular Ukrainian duo Interesni Kazki published today some photos of his last piece in Catania, Italy.
“Fuga di Ulisse da Polifemo”/”Odysseus escape from Polyphemus” is a surrealist interpretation of the story of Odysseus and Polyphemus, but in this case adapted to the Sicilian reality and the current relationship between those in power (politicians and the Sicilian Mafia) and between the local government and traditions.
The myth of Odysseus and the Cyclops is one of the most known Greek myths, narrated by Homer in his Odyssey and can in short be described as follows: Odysseus and his men become trapped by Polyphemus. Odysseus devises a plan, gets the monster drunk, blinds him, and escapes with his men by tying themselves to the undersides of the sheep so the blind Cyclops couldn’t notice that they were escaping, just as we see in AEC’s depiction of the myth. Another funny detail is how AEC replaces the wooden stake with a bunch of spaghetti.
AEC-Sicily-2 AEC-Sicily-3 AEC-Sicily-4 AEC-Sicily-5 AEC-Sicily-6 AEC-Sicily-7 AEC-Sicily-8

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