Ray Bartkus 1This interesting mural is the work of New York based artist Ray Bartkus and was painted for the Malonny art festival in Marijampolė, Lithuania.
Raising awareness on the way we look at objects, Bartkus intentionally painted the mural upside-down so that the swimmers, rowers and swans he depicted would be reflected right-side-up on the river Šešupė, which flows through the city’s center.
It’s important to point that the image above was partly edited to make the experience more powerful, the reflection to be clear and fully possible to enjoy during a calm day (se last image). This work reminds me of that beautiful Borondo in East London from a few months ago (here), both clever and challenging.
Ray Bartkus 2 Ray Bartkus 3 Ray Bartkus 4 Ray Bartkus 5
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Author: Fran

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