Argentinian artist and muralist Pastel is now in the beautiful Azores where he recently finished his first mural for the always great Walk & Talk festival.
“Vascular Endemism” refers to vascular plants are also known as higher plants or tracheophytes. Their defining characteristic is the differentiation of transport tissue throughout their structure.
The artist explains that since the colonization of these volcanic islands, non-native flora has been imported, which, due to the distinctive Macaronesian climate, has become endemic and unique to the region itself. This same hybridization occurs within societies that seek to integrate themselves into a foreign country, over time creating their own particular identity.
The mural is a conceptual piece that has perfectly been integrated to the surrounding urban landscape through its delicacy and the clever and subtle white frame around it, defining the structure of the building and integrating it in this way into the composition.



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