This Saturday is your last chance to see Axel Void‘s “Sehnsucht” at BC Gallery in Berlin.
The exhibition consists of a series of paintings and videos created for the occasion and based on the concept of Sehnsucht, the German word for nostalgia.
His Classically inspired oil paintings, 8 in total, portray people of different ages with their heads wrapped in plastic. The scene is unpleasant, but his subjects do not seem distressed or appear to suffer any pain. The videos are interviews of the portrayed subjects where they speak about their everyday life, goals and dreams.
With”Sehnsucht” the artist draws our attention to the pursuit of purpose in our everyday life and the concept of Absurdism, a philosophical school of thought where “the Absurd” arises out of the fundamental disharmony between the individual’s search for meaning and the meaninglessness of the universe, an idea that gained new life after the Second World War and the writings of Albert Camus.
The show explores the current feeling of numbness in our society in which there seems to be no clear direction, giving emphasis to the confusion emerged by a feeling of emptiness. Despite the apparent wellbeing that our modern consumer society provide we are still missing something, a meaning, a purpose. We are asphyxiating, and we are apparently unable to do anything about it, because we are unaware of it.

Remember, the exhibition is open to the public for viewing until this Saturday August 15th at the gallery located on Libauer Strasse 14, Berlin, Germany.

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Author: Fran

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