Morag-Myerscough-Luke-Morgan-photo-Luke-Morgan-Stockholm-7 This vibrant installation is a 10m-high temporary “Superstructure” created  by Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan for the Kulturfestival in Stockholm, Sweden.
In occasion of the 10th anniversary of the festival and with ‘United Kingdom’ as this year’s theme, the British Council and Claes Karlsson, creative director of the festival, commissioned the two artists to design a structure that was both eye-catching, fun and functional.
The result is Superstructure a complex installation created on the Norrbro bridge in Stockholm for a limited period of time of four days and that intends to incorporate public engagement. That’s why as part of the work, the duo engaged British poet Yemisi Blake to work with the young people at 2:a Hemmet — Ungdomens Hus in Skärholmen to create a series of four-word poems using Swedish and English from which  four were used for the totem.
Due the temporary nature of this commission the artists decided to design the structure around shipping containers which according to them provided dry secure spaces for the different workshops and scaffolding that was quick to put up and take down. Given the prominent location of the Superstructure, a bridge, the artists wanted “to give people views that at any other time were not possible” deciding to build platforms for both viewing and relaxingOne thing is sure this is really an eye-catching and fun sight that will be open until today Sunday.
Morag-Myerscough-Luke-Morgan-photo-Luke-Morgan-Stockholm-1 Morag-Myerscough-Luke-Morgan-photo-Luke-Morgan-Stockholm-2 Morag-Myerscough-Luke-Morgan-photo-Luke-Morgan-Stockholm-3 Morag-Myerscough-Luke-Morgan-photo-Luke-Morgan-Stockholm-4 Morag-Myerscough-Luke-Morgan-photo-Luke-Morgan-Stockholm-5 Morag-Myerscough-Luke-Morgan-photo-Luke-Morgan-Stockholm-6
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