Axel Void spent a few days in the UK invited to take part of ‘Dismaland’ Banksy’s new ‘bemusement park’ for which he painted this wonderful piece in Weston-Super-Mare.
Titled Mediocre, the mural not only forms part of Void’s acclaimed ‘Mediocre series’, but is also a clear statement that follows the logic of the unusual park and represents a satire and homage to mundanity and our every day life. Void explains the idea as follows:

This space used to be a water park called Tropicana. It was the towns main attraction, it had a cheesy, tropical design to it with Victorian architecture. It is built right on the beach, given that this beach isn’t ideal because of its brown muddy tone the water park was a good alternative.
Weston Super Mare, even though is one of the number one vacation sites, has a very bizarre feel to it. You can find bright loud attractions, arcades, fish and chips, plastic beach toys, old people that are afraid of flying to a better place, karaoke bars, a very prolific Elvis impersonator, and a large amount of drug addicts that where brought to town from other places in order to go through rehab but ended up bringing the drug dealers as well, following their best clientele.
This wall is part of the Mediocre series. A satire and homage to mundanity and our every day life. It is situated on the inside facade of the main building. Fitting the concept of Dismeland that to me, is a very clever parody and a critic of art and our society.
Special thanks to Banksy, Escif and every one in the crew for their help, hospitality and friendship.

Beautiful work!


Author: Fran

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