The work of Alex Brewer, better known as Hense, is easy to spot and this new mural painted for this year’s City Leaks festival in Cologne, Germany is no exception.
Hense is a contemporary visual artist with a focus primarily on public art, painting, sculpture and site-specific installation work characterized by a focus in the relationships of elements, shapes and colours and how they interact with each other.
This new mural represents a perfect example of his work, abstract compositions consisting of playful overlays of various shapes and lines, areas of colour and patterns. As usual having a spontaneous approach and focusing on the process of painting.
In addition to this new mural Hense will be part of Vivid Bunch Vol # 2 at Die Kunstagentin gallery along with Know Hope (US) & Will Barras (UK).

Hense_Cityleaks2015_Köln_robertwinter_2 Hense_Cityleaks2015_Köln_robertwinter_3 Hense_Cityleaks2015_Köln_robertwinter_4

hense-cologne-city-leaks-1 hense-cologne-city-leaks-2 hense-cologne-city-leaks-3
Firts 4 images by Robert Winter


Author: Fran

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