Following their show Santa Miseria at Galeria Varsi last week, the popular German duo Herakut is still in Rome where they recently finished this lovely mural painted for the Street Heart project, sponsored by the 5th Municipality of the Rome Capital, and curated by Marta Gargiulo, Massimo Scrocca and Marco Gallotta.
As in earlier occasions the new mural gives a face to the current refugee situation appealing to our compassion and empathy for people in need. The mural reads: “Nei nostri momenti di bisogno ci affidiamo alle persone come famiglia, sarebbe bello se potessimo ricordarci di questi legami anche nei momenti di forza.” / “In our moment of need we rely on the family of humans. I wished we could remember these family bonds in our moments strength.”

Herakut’s show Santa Miseria will run until November 5th at the gallery located on Via di San Salvatore in Campo 51, Rome.

herakut-street-heart-3 herakut-street-heart-4 herakut-street-heart-5jpg herakut-street-heart-1

Last image by Falk Lehmann


Author: Fran

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