Ericailcane was until recently in Munich invited to take part of Positive-Propaganda‘s project which is dedicated to bring contemporary and socio-political art to urban spaces.
According to some sources, the work talks about the gentrification of the Westend Quarter of Munich, an area that has radically changed over the past years thanks to massive investments aimed to ‘upgrade’ this part of the city. Well, we all know how gentrification works, investments are made, housing prices go up and people who originally lived there are squeezed out. The West, that for decades held a reputation of Arbeiter_innen- and Migrant_innenviertel has come to an end as such giving room to trendy bars, shops and cafes that depend on middle-class customers.
According to Positive-Propaganda, ‘the fight between the working class who once lived in the area and the bourgeoisie that more and more occupies that district’.
Regardless of this fact, I have to admit that my first guess was to identify the woodpecker with the majestic EU (read liberal capitalistic tendencies) stealing ‘larvae’ from working ants, feeding from the poor, but well, it certainly inspires reflexion.

ericailcane-positiv-propaganda-2 ericailcane-positiv-propaganda-3 ericailcane-positiv-propaganda-4ericailcane-positiv-propaganda-5
Images via Positive-Propaganda


Author: Fran

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