Dutch artist Daan Botlek posted recently a few images of his latest work in Oranienbaum, Germany where he created a series of interesting pieces that clearly reflect his interest in experimenting with site-specific installations and new ways of presenting his work.
As we can see in ‘Pumice Pantheon’ (image above), ‘Entrance to Exit’ and ‘Schismatic Tendencies’ (longer down) his characters show an amazing ability to interact with the surrounding architectural elements and the painted surface in the most unexpected and witty ways, creating the illusion of volume and bringing them to life. A perfect example of this is ‘Pumice Pantheon’ and the remarkable way in which the artist plays with the shadows ‘projected’ against the wall injecting ‘life’ into the composition in a completely different manner.

Dan-Botlek-Ampelhaus-2 Dan-Botlek-Ampelhaus-3


‘Entrance to Exit’


‘Schismatic Tendencies’
Dan-Botlek-Ampelhaus-5 Dan-Botlek-Ampelhaus-6


Author: Fran

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