Today is the opening of ‘Animal Instinct’ the first solo exhibition by Spanish artist Daniel Dalopo at the BC Gallery in Berlin.
The show consist in a series of new canvases and paper collages that awaken associations with traditional Cubism and Pop Art.
‘Animal Instinct’ speaks about life and the constant struggle for survival in modern society. His overcrowded and at times asphyxiating canvases reflect reflect this struggle at many levels. There is no perspective, the viewer is confronted face on with this truth that is presented on one single plane and where strong colours and juxtaposed images intend to makes us reflect over our own human condition.

About the Artist
Andalusian artist Daniel López Pozo a.k.a ‚DALOPO‘ was born in 1990 in Casariche from where he later moved to the city of Seville in 2007, which he has considered his home ever since. Moving to the city allowed him to enter the local School of Art where he put his focus on studying artistic silkscreen. It didn’t take much time until he got the chance to exhibit his work in several exhibitions in Seville. His characteristic style, which he had developed over many years since his childhood in the countryside, is strongly influenced by 20th century art movements like constructivism, cubism, or pop art. Dalopo mainly works with abstract shapes, geometrical structures mixed with organic forms, faces and countless bodies, which he disintegrates and re-organizes in order to create a collage-like new picture. The central matter of his creations is the human being, his face, his contradictions, unprovided of labels and religions, the universe and the meaning of life, freedom and sexual diversity.

The opening reception is today Friday, October 9th, from 6 – 10 pm, the exhibition is open to the public for viewing through November 21st at the gallery located on Libauer Straße 14, 10245 Berlin.
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