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This Saturday Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco will be opening two geometrically inclined exhibitions; Neo Geo a two-person exhibition featuring the work of Carl Cashman (uk) and Liam Snootle (au) and BlackThings showing the work of Polish artist Parasite, both exhibitions are guest curated by Sven Davis

Neo Geo (Gallery 1) is an exploration of colour and form that express Cashman’s and Snootle’s approach to a new kind of aesthetics inspired by their roots within the culture of street art and graffiti and traditional abstract art movements.
Whilst Liam Snootle presents his hard-edge origami inspired creations, addressing not only colour theory, but also form and context, creates Carl Cashman a new body of work that not only continues his exploration of a vibrant geometric-based optical art or Neometry, but also gives room for a mix of abstract backgrounds and geometrical shapes and patterns, as well as works where meticulously painted intersecting straight lines dictate what we see and read (Press release).

BlackThings (Gallery 2) on the other hand presents the work of Poland-based artist Parasite who uses found and existing paintings and prints as canvases where traditional works are over-painted with rather strict geometries. The original context of the source paintings are changed and subverted with distorted volumes and masses of anti-image to create a new vocabulary. Portions of the original image are retained by Parasite as he plays with our sense of perception – depth and dimension present a renewed allegory that emphasises unfamiliar details within the framing of the existing image. Much of the same can be said about his outdoor work where the artist challenges our perception of balance and space (Press release).

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The exhibitions open at Gauntlet Gallery on Saturday November 7th from 7:30-10pm and will count with the presence of the artists at the opening at the gallery located on 1040 Larkin St. San Francisco.


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