SUSO33_scgallery_flyerAs mentioned in an earlier post, Spanish artist Suso33 is currently showing at SC Gallery in Bilbao, Spain his first solo exhibition in the Basque Country.
The show “Scenographic representations of Bilbao Black Paintings 2015″ opened on October 16th and count with a total of 10 works produced for the occasion that offer a glimpse of his most recent pictorial production made after his residency in Scotland in 2014, where he began the Black Paintings series.
His experimentations started in the form of wall painting interventions in Dufftown where the artist take advantage of the natural decay of the walls.
The new work was titled Black paintings because of their dark colour resulting from the phenomenon of corrosion and because of the artists intimate and emotional approach to the subject surrounding tormented souls, existential finitude, and interior and personal catharsis. Natures becomes a stage upon which the artist is able to express his most profound emotions (Read more here)

The exhibition will run until December 4th at the gallery located on C/Cortes 4 Lonja 1a izq., Bilbao.
SUSO33_scgallery_1 SUSO33-Percepcion09 SUSO33_scgallery_2 SUSO33_scgallery_3Images via SC Gallery and Mtn-world


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