moneyless-108-dinamica-galeria-1Last week opened Antípodas a new joint exhibition by Italian artists Guido Bisagni aka 108 and Teo ‘Moneyless’ Pirisi at Dinámica Galería in the center of the trendy Palermo neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.
The exhibition consists of a series of canvas, works on paper and wood as well as a couple of installations created  specifically for the occasion.
Antipodas refers to a ‘connected’ opposition or diametrically opposed, but at the same time linked together in some way.
Plato was the first one to approach the idea of ‘antipodes’ and he did as follows:
‘For if there were any solid body in equipoise at the centre of the universe, there would be nothing to draw it to this extreme rather than to that, for they are all perfectly similar; and if a person were to go round the world in a circle, he would often, when standing at the antipodes of his former position, speak of the same point as above and below; for, as I was saying just now, to speak of the whole which is in the form of a globe as having one part above and another below is not like a sensible man.’
Although geographically speaking Italy isn’t Argentina’s antipodes, the artists experienced on arrival that kind of homely warmth they are used to from their homeland. But the term also refers to their work and the dialogue it generates between convex and concave lines, between rich and ethereal forms. The appropriation of space of each artist happens in a complementary and connected manner, a close relationship between the abstract and organic melancholy of Guido Bisagni and Moneyless’ subtractive minimalism.

Antípodas will run until Dec. 2nd at the gallery space located on: Gorriti 5741, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires.

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Images by Maria Baumler


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