unnamedThis Saturday is the opening of WHAT WE SEE IS WHAT WE FORGET, Thomas Bestvinas new solo exhibition at 886 Geary Gallery in San Francisco.
WHAT WE SEE IS WHAT WE FORGET is the result of this years experiment with photography and collages by Bestvina whose photographic work intends to underline today’s consumption by capturing specific moments in a fast moving digital world.

‘The source of most of the pieces is time exposure photography of the Internet. He uses moving blogs and websites in order to create digital, abstract patterns. Some of this work is collaged with freehand mixed media paintings on glass. The free formation of the shapes is the foundation of both working techniques. The artist’s goal is to find a new visual expression by blurring the boundaries of the digital and analog world. Creating analog collages of his photographed work by imitating Photoshop tools and combining the result with a digital retouch gives a techy look to the collages and blurs the analog and digital working process. Free formations vs. constructivism are the inkjet collages of assembled web images. He admires the quirky and melancholic look an inkjet printer gives to any printed image. The working process is similar to the one mentioned. He creates analog collages, which are then photographed and enlarged.’ Press release

The opening reception will be Saturday, November 14th, from 7-11 pm and will be open to the public for through December 5th, 2015.
Untitled_50Time Exposure Of The Web

Untitled Time exposure from the webthomas bestvina Room Full Of Promises

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