South African artist Faith47 will be soon opening Aqua Regalia – Chapter Two at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in what will be her début solo exhibition at the gallery and New York City.
Aqua Regalia or ‘royal water’ is the alchemical name for a highly corrosive mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid that transmogrifies, dissolves and changes the most powerful substance – gold. In Aqua Regalia Faith47 explores the dichotomy between the sacred and the mundane by presenting a new and multidisciplinary body of work created for the occasion using ink, graphite and oil paint as well as mixed media collages that uses findings the artist has collected in various countries. Shrine-like artworks and canvases feature that lovely mix of representational depictions of incarnated divinity, animals, sacred geometry and text so characteristic of her work.
In conjunction with the exhibition, the gallery will release a 35 edition lithograph inspired by the mural Capax Infiniti painted in Portland, Oregon (2014).

Aqua Regalia opens on Thursday November 19th and will run until December 19th at Jonathan LeVine Gallery located on 529 West 20th Street and 557C West 23rd Street | New York.

faith47---escaping-fragility Aqua_Regalia_Yearning Aqua_Regalia_hc-svnt-dracons Aqua_Regalia_lay-your-weapons-down

Author: Fran

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