Tomorrow Saturday 14th is the opening of “HERE AND THERE AND NOW AND THEN”, a solo exhibition by Christopher Derek Bruno at 886 Geary Gallery  in San Francisco.

“Yet there is a sense in which mastering the appearance of things brings us closer to their essence. For by understanding how the same scene can appear different, depending on the viewpoint from which it is perceived, we learn to separate the accidents of viewpoint from the properties of the thing itself. By treating subjectivity objectively, we master it.” Excerpt From: Wilczek, Frank. “A Beautiful Question”

Over the past three years I have been studying colour, shape, and form to better understand both the dimensional and rational means in which our eyes turn stimuli into descriptive images that form our collective experience. HERE AND THERE AND THEN AND NOW is a body of work that seeks to explore the result of image and form on its immediate surroundings. Press release

The exhibition opens this Saturday, November 14th, from 7-11 pm and will be open to the public through December 5th, 2015 at the gallery located on Geary Street, San Francisco, CA. The opening will count with the presence of the artist.

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