Fredone Fone (Fortaleza, Brasil - 2015) (3)

Street artist Frederico Franco, also known as Fredone, was recently in Fortaleza, Brazil where he painted this abstract piece for the Festival Concreto.
During his stay in Fortaleza spent Franco some time painting in the outskirts of the city. One of the pieces he created was this abstract wall featuring his signature colours (red, black, white and greys), and adding to the composition a mattress he found nearby that balances the whole in a very peculiar way.
Born and raised in one of Brazil’s many suburbs, Fredone Fone, is a self-taught artist that started an early career as a builder assisting his father for almost ten years. This experience served as inspiration for his later artistic work based on simple geometric shapes inserted in abstract compositions.
Fredone Fone (Fortaleza, Brasil - 2015) (2)Fredone Fone (Fortaleza, Brasil - 2015) (1)Brazilian artist Fredone


Author: Fran

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