pener-balance-0Polish artist Bartek Świątecki also known as Pener is currently in London in occasion of ‘Balance’, his next solo show at The Book Club opening on Weds 23rd of March.
According to the press release the show will feature Pener’s new series of conceptual abstract and deconstructive canvas, showcasing hyper-bright works based on geo-elements with details, colour transitions and fluid compositions. Underpinned by a constant futuristic movement, harmony and transparent shapes combine to dramatic effect including a large mural painted both inside and outside the venue.
Full press release and price list here.
Balance opens on Weds 23rd March and will run until May 22nd 2016 at The Book Club located on 100-106 Leonard Street , EC2A 4RH, London.

pener-balance-2 pener-balance-3


Author: Fran

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