ericailcane-bastardilla-bogota-3Ericailcane is now in Colombia, Bastardilla‘s home country, where they recently collaborated in this new mural painted somewhere in the streets of Bogotá. In addition to this wall, Ericailcane published yesterday images of a new wall painted in barrio de Santa Fé in Bogotá.
The first wall, published about a week ago on Ericailcane’s shows a perfect and seamless collaboration between the two artists. The image is as usual powerful. It shows the image of a tied man laying on his back and flanked by a wolf and a reptile whilst oil pumps and excavators placed over his body tear him apart. Certainly a not so subtle comment to our current environmental situation and how big companies suck the life of our planet leaded by greed and without remorse.
The second mural, painted some time ago by Ericailcane in the same city, features the image of a monkey wearing a white shirt, holding a musical instrument that resembles a güiro. The monkey has been depicted with a halo over its head. It plays the instrument, but instead of music, only death and darkness comes out of it.

ericailcane-bastardilla-bogota-1 ericailcane-bastardilla-bogota-2 ericailcane-bogota-1 ericailcane-bogota-2 ericailcane-bogota-3

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