Remi Rough x lxoneThe 6th edition of the Marrakech Biennale is currently in full effect including a parallel project called MB6 Street Art that counts with the participation of renowned international artists like Alexey Luka, Dag Insky, Dotmasters, Giacomo Bufarini Run, Kalamour, LX.One, MadC, Lucy McLauchlan, Remi Rough, Sickboy and YesB .
Titled ‘Not New Now’ the concept of this year’s biennale intends to focus on the local context, the particular location and history of the city of Marrakech, a crossroad between the Western, the Islamic and the African world. Its aim is “to build bridges between cultures through the arts”.
The Biennale’s street art programme was curated by Attollo Art and features site-specific commissions inside the “Red City” or Medina of Marrakech, also including some works outside Marrakech. Most of the pieces, at least those painted inside the old city, are geometric, mostly abstract and highly decorative, and despite the use of bright colours they seem to be in perfect harmony with their environment.

Here a few shots of the finished murals so far, courtesy of Urbanpresents.
remi rough

lxone alexey luka Alexey_Luka_marrakech_1 lucy mclauchlan lucy mclauchlanMadCgiacomo bufarini RUNgiacomo bufarini RUNkalamourYesB

Author: Fran

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