giacomo_bufarini_RUN_marrakech_4London- based Italian artist Giacomo Bufarini, best known as RUN, is one of the many international artists currently participation of the 6th edition of the Marrakech Biennale which this year runs a parallel street art program called MB6 Street Art.
Bufarini began painting murals on abandoned walls in Bologna and Florence in the 1990s under the pseudonym ‘RUN’ and since he has been one of the most important precursors of the new Italian muralist Renaissance. Since he has developed a unique and highly recognisable style that can be found today all over the globe and reflects his interest for different cultures and human interaction.

“Les Rives” (the shores), a perfect example of the above mentioned, took 7 days to complete and about 280 litres of paint and natural pigment mixed together. The huge ‘ground-painting’ (6400 sq. mt.) features the image of two sitting men interacting and separated by a small river. One of them plays a small instrument whilst the other listens with his hands on the back of his ears as to catch the sound coming from the other side of the shore. The mural, if we can call it that, is inspired by the history and culture of the place, and of course its music, being Essaouira the epicentre of Berber and Tuareg music in Morocco and the Gnaoua festival, one of the most important music festivals in the country.

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