Italian artist Selene Frosini opened last Friday ‘Still’ her newest solo show at Tabularasa Tekè Gallery in Carrara, Italy.
The exhibition consists of a series of sculptures that express the concept of stillness which, as expressed by Marco Pedri, is equal to a feeling of deep silence and calm. Made of different kinds of marble – Belgium Black, Pink Portugal, Mexico Black, Statuario, Carrara Ordinario-, the pieces have kept their square shapes and volume, and only being carved in the inside creating beautiful contours and shapes that could reminds us of the soft erosion caused by running water gently passing through stone. The result is a highly polished exterior surface that contrasts with the delicate, but rough and satin-like shapes in the inside. There is life inside the motionless rock.

The exhibition will be on view until March 26th at the gallery located on Via Santa Maria 13/d in Carrara, Italy.
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Selene_Frosini_Still_Tekè_Gallery_1 Selene_Frosini_Still_Tekè_Gallery_2 Selene_Frosini_Still_Tekè_Gallery_3 Selene_Frosini_Still_Tekè_Gallery_4 Selene_Frosini_Still_Tekè_Gallery_5 Selene_Frosini_Still_Tekè_Gallery_6 Selene_Frosini_Still_Tekè_Gallery_7 Selene_Frosini_Still_Tekè_Gallery_8 Selene_Frosini_Still_Tekè_Gallery_9

Images courtsey of the gallery

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