French Vincent Elka a.k.a. Lokiss will be opening next week Topologies his newest solo show at Galerie Celal in Paris.
A legend and pioneer of the European graffiti, Lokiss is a multidisciplinary artist whose work ranges from murals, to easel painting and sculpture. Influenced by the pioneers of abstraction like Delaunay and Kupka, Lokiss continues to be one of the main actors of the European graffiti’s aesthetic renewal by confronting his own visual codes to those of high art. Topologies isn’t an exception.

‘With Topologies Lokiss reveals the extent of his plastic investigations while remaining faithful to his favourite subjects, like a flawless interrogation on possible representations of the space… and its inhabitants.”

Topologies discusses the notion of topological spaces which in his case are inspired by his interest in science, specially physics, astrophysics and social sciences. The work involves multiple fields of thought that gives shape to a feeling that cannot be explained, but that invites the viewer into an intimate dialogue with each piece.
According to Lokiss he doesn’t create “in a certain way”, he just knows the world “in a certain way”. “It’s about life, about human finitude and cosmic infinity . And their haunting collision.”

Lokiss Topologies opens on March 17th at the gallery located on rue Saint Honoré 45, Paris.

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