WK_JonOne_Predictably Irrational, Acrylic and ink on canvas, 2016, 86 x 68 cm_©JonOneJonOne, born John Andrew Perello in 1963, New York, USA and today one of the most recognised contemporary artists in France, as well as a key figure in the world of graffiti will be opening next Wednesday Predictably Irrational at Wunderkammern Gallery in Milan.
Known for his particular style that can be positioned in between Graffiti and Pollock’s Abstract Expressionism, JonOne’s work derives from the combination of three fundamental elements: calligraphy, colour and painting texture exhaling an extraordinary vitality that reflects his vision and understanding of the city.

Predictably Irrational
will be showcasing a new body of work created by the artist  specifically for the occasion, and that will consist in a series of paintings created using acrylic, oil and ink.
According to the press release the concept of the exhibition “stems from the reflection on the conflict between chaos and control; between that which we can foresee and the totally unexpected; between planning and improvisation. The dynamic that underlies these situations is part of everyone’s daily life: we try to control and to predict future events, but oftentimes these escape our control, and, vice-versa, in that which is unforeseeable we can equally find an explanation, a sense of order.
On one hand, the works of JonOne seem to emerge from a spontaneous, instinctive gesture that is free from every restriction, and yet the aesthetic composition is highly studied at the same time, with each intervention springing from a precise intention. On the other hand, the symmetry originating from the calligraphic repetition is constantly shaken by the powerful superimpositions of colours. JonOne metaphorically transfers life itself to his work, which can be seen as the result of the delicate equilibrium created by the opposition between chaos and control.”

Predictably Irrational  opens on Wednesday 17th at the gallery located on via Ausonio 1A, Milan.


WK_JonOne_ambiances_2015_©Gwen Le Bras WK_JonOne_Detail of Burn Slow, Acrylic and ink on canvas, 2016 WK_JonOne_Detail of Thuggin, Acrylic and ink on canvas, 2016 WK_JonOne_Dirty Games, Acrylic and ink on canvas, 2016, 96 x 110 cm_©JonOne WK_JonOne_portrait_©Alexis Deforges (2) WK_JonOne_portraits_2015_©Gwen Le Bras (2) WK_JonOne_Invitation_Back_Horizontal_EN_LR


Author: Fran

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