Ricardo-TEN-Colombo-Kathmandu-Nepal-1Italian street artist Ricardo TEN Colombo collaborated recently with  Sattya Media Arts Collective, a hub for DIY culture, collaboration, inspiration, activism, and learning for emerging artists, painting a series of new murals in the streets of the Basantapur and Thamel area of Kathmandu, an area seriously affected by the earthquake in 2015.
According to Ricardo TEN Colombo he visited the area and was witness to the devastation of the earthquake where many lost their According to Ricardo TEN Colombo, he visited the area and was witness to the devastation of the earthquake where many lost their homes, relatives, friends and everything they owned. Suddenly he stumbles upon a man that points into a pile of bricks and says “welcome to my home”. That’s when he decided to paint a series of triangular shapes, a symbol of stability and strength, as a way to express hope for the future reconstruction of these neighbourhoods.

Ricardo-TEN-Colombo-Kathmandu-Nepal-3 Ricardo-TEN-Colombo-Kathmandu-Nepal-4 Ricardo-TEN-Colombo-Kathmandu-Nepal-5 Ricardo-TEN-Colombo-Kathmandu-Nepal-6



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