eltono-408-grette-butte-besancon18French-Spanish street artist Eltono, known for his colourful geometric box patterns,was recently was in Besançon, France invited to take part in a very special project.
Organised by Juste Ici, the project consists of a mural painted by the artist in collaboration with 125 local kids from the surrounding schools la Butte and la Grette and which took 9 days to complete.
Closely supervised by the Eltono, the children had the opportunity to experience the magic of street art for the very first time and actively give shape to this large mural titled “Cité des 408”.
Not unlike the rest of his work, the new mural can be seen as a continuation of the Eltono’s experimentations in the public space where he constantly reworks his characteristic imagery adapting it to the current historical context and surroundings.
Here a few images of the project.

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