truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-4The art collective Truly Design just opened The Truth depends on where you see it from an interesting exhibition at the Ettore Fico Museum in Turin.
The show features a new series of anamorphic mural installations that document the most recent aspects of the collective aesthetic and poetic research of the group focusing on the study of geometric abstraction in relation with the architecture and the surrounding urban space.
The result is an intimate dialogue between this research, the architecture of the MEF – Ettore Fico Museum, and the artwork exhibited there and that includes pieces by Florence Henri, Lászlo Moholy Nagy, El Lissitzky, and Josef Albers.

The exhibition will run until June 26 at the MEF – Ettore Fico Museum in Turin.

Images courtesy of Truly Design.


Shape of Things

truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-1 truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-2 truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-3

The Colour and the Shape


Origin of Symmetry

truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-6 truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-7 truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-8 truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-9 truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-10 truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-11 truly-design-ettore-fico-turin-12

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