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This Friday opens ‘Seven Floors to Heaven’ a new solo show by Spanish artist Ivana Flores at Plasticmurs Gallery in Valencia, Spain.
‘Seven Floors to Heaven’ is one of Ivana Flores most personal exhibitions to date. Inspired by her own experiences and emotions, she creates a magical and introspective universe full of colour, mythological creatures and nature. Her characters are childlike and feminine, sometimes suffering from physical transformations, but never losing the kind of candid innocence that characterises them.
The haunting symbolism in her work is defined by the artist as a mixture of “Reality, dream, everyday life and imagination [that] merge at a turning point of boundless consciousness of self-image and world.” It is in this magical world she expresses the inner reality of things and self creating interesting contrasts between dark and light, and in some way exploring what she calls the “circus of life and absence”. But even the viewer is confronted by the sad-looking eyes of her characters, this is in no way the display of a broken soul, on the contrary, it reflects the inner strength that only those who manage to transform pain and sadness into love and beauty have.

‘Seven Floors to Heaven’ opens this Friday April 15. and will be on view until May 14 at the gallery located on Calle Denia 45 Valencia, Spain.

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Ivana Flores - Seven Floors to Heaven


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